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Blu electronic Cigarette – Replacing the Battery and Cartridge

If you are planning to use an electronic cigarette you may have to start thinking of the best option. There are many brands in the marketplace as well as online and choosing the very best may just have to be your call. You should look at the strength of the batteries and cartridges of any brand to make the right call. Blu e-cigs offers some of the best batteries and cartridges in the market place and you just have to check on them.

As always, issues around e-cigarettes are heavily politicised and regulators are wavering from one side to the other. Good example is UK’s National Health Service (NHS) that is now declaring that  E-cigarettes will be regulated as medicines

Batteries and cartridges form the essential components of any e-cig. At least, most designs come with these components. The battery powers the atomizer in the cartridge and then there is vaporization of the liquid containing nicotine and other ingredients.

Batteries can become weak and malfunction and these also apply to the cartridges. Hence, learning how to replace these components becomes very essential for optimal service delivery.

For anyone who has made blu e-cig a product of choice it would not out place learn how to replace the batteries and cartridges. So, here are details that can guide you replace these components when the need arise.

Replacing the blu cig batteries

The batteries of an electronic cigarette may need to be replaced if there is no more power in the one used. For blu cig products you need to replace a weak one with a charged one. If you have been alerted by blinks of the blue LED light at the tip of the battery (30 times) then that is a sign that your e-cig battery needs replacement. All you need do is unscrew it from the cartridge replace same with a charged one. You can then put the empty battery into the pack’s   slot meant for “charge”.

Replacing the blu e-cig cartridge

The cartridge is the part of the e-cig that produces the vapor. If this component can no longer produce a vapor then it needs replacement. There is no rocket science in doing this if you are making use of the blu e-cig brand. Just unscrew the battery from the cartridge and replace with another cartridge. Blu cig provides about 5 flavor cartridges which typical represent about 250 puffs. The used cartridge should be thrown away.

So, these are ways to replace blu cig batteries and cartridges. More details about this can be accessed from the website of blu cig. Nevertheless, with the above details you will discover that making use of the blu brand of e-cig could be worth it.

V2 Starter Kit – Why You Should Go For It

The information provided in this post should be applicable to all brands of electronic cigarette. It discusses some reasons why you need to go for the V2 Starter kit.

First off, it is helpful to state that a starter kit is needed for those who are just starting to use electronic cigarettes. Apart from these, those who want to switch from one brand to another can as well take advantage of the available starter kit.

A typical starter kit contains the essentials you would need to use and enjoy the e-cigarette. Basically, the essential features you would find in these kits are: at least one rechargeable battery, several cartridges, wall adapters or chargers, and manuals. You should compare this review to an industry standard GreenSmoke review.

The starter kit helps you take advantage of the feels, looks, and tastes of an electronic cigarette brand. It’s a bundled pack essentially made for new users.

Professor Robert West, one of the leading UK addiction experts, in the interview for BBC, tells us: “So you got to think, OK, it’s not dangerous to be near someone who is using an electronic cigarette. There is really no evidence and very little reason to believe that it is going to re-normalize smoking. So what is the problem?”

Here are specific reasons you should buy starter kits instead of going for e-cig components separately.

  • Starter kits live up to their names or bidding. They contain manual which educate the new user on how to begin using and experiencing electronic cigarette. If you are a novice to e-cig, a starter kit helps to train you into handling the battery, cartridges, and other accessories.
  • Starter kits for e-cigs can help you save big in the long term. Although the price of a starter pack could be higher than what obtains with a real tobacco or traditional cigarette, it comes cheaper in the long term because the item in the kit are reusable and can last longer than what obtains with real cigarettes.
  • Starter kits are convenient for new users because they eliminate the need to buy each component separately. All necessary components have been packaged in the kit and the user just has to follow the usage instructions in the manual.

So, these are reasons why the starter kits for e-cig is quite useful. If you have chosen V2 e-cig, you should checkout its starter kit for new users. This is also called the EXPRESS KIT. It is easy to use and affordable. This kit comes with the best selling V2 Red and refreshing V2 menthol flavor cartridges. There is a battery and charger.

Green Smoke Discount – Options to Save Big From Green Smoke E-Cigarettes

ID-10036401You can still get discount from Green Smoke electronic cigarette if you know how to. Yes, discounted prices for this brand of e-cig can help you save more. The extra savings at your disposals can be channeled to other bills like vacation expenses, educational tuition for kids, and other personal or family expenditure.

The good thing is that there are many options of obtaining discounts and the major ones are through coupons and loyalty program. Below are paragraphs that give you a glimpse of the discount options to earn from Green Smoke e-cigs purchase. The details are short but they should open your understanding on how important it is that this brand appreciates customer’s loyalty.

Green Smoke Coupons 

There are varieties of Green Smoke coupon codes scattered round the Internet. If you are take your time and research, you are sure to come across these offers from different review sites. All you need do is compare the different promo codes and select the appropriate one to fill in the Green Smoke checkout page. The instant you enter the promo or coupon code, you would see instant reduction in the ordering price you are paying.

Green Smoke Loyalty program 

From the website of Green Smoke we get to learn that there is a Loyalty program for customers. All that is needed is for the customer to make purchase and earn points for every $10 purchase made. The points are accumulated in the log in account of the customer at The customers that earned points can use these points to make free purchase or save them for future cash in.

These are common Green Smoke Discount offers. On the average it becomes truly helpful to apply these discount options and save money from Green Smoke electronic cigarette.  You should remember this brand of e-cig has premium price tag; hence having any opportunity to save money from purchasing should be appealing.

So, you really should take advantage of any these offers and save more cash for other expenditures. Comparing different deals coupons and promo sites should assist you in choosing the best deals.